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Reference Design
bullet Hybrid Satellite cum Terrestrial multi-channel high quality digital audio receivers. (Terrestrial Augmentation at Select Urban centers to overcome line of sight requirements of satellite signals suffering blockages due to high rise building).
bullet parallel dual Demodulation: QPSK and MCM.
bullet Audio coding: MPEG 2.5 and AAC+
bullet Two worldspace Geostationary satellite–AfriStar™, AfriStar ™.
bullet Continental geographical coverage.
bullet PCB Dimension (Approx): 2.5” x 4”.
bullet Weight: Below 200g (without Antenna)
bullet Frequency range: L Band (1452 – 1492 Mhz)
bullet Antenna: Worldspace Antenna.
bullet Data Output: AC-97 codec.
bullet Power source: Computer USB cable or Host based 6 VDC, 400mA supply.
bullet Power consumption: Less than 1.5 Watt.
bullet Seamless automatic signal selection between Satellite and Terrestrial broadcast for unbreakable audio listening experience.
bullet Background OAAC decoding for personal message, over the air password download, group messages and file downloads.
bullet Decodes both Legacy and Enhanced (for mobile reception) waveforms.
bullet Less complexity and resource required to integrate in the host processor.
bullet Highly customizable and configurable.
bullet Works at low signal condition, such as SNR 2 dB for satellite signal and 6dB for terrestrial signal.
bullet Indoor MCM reception.
bullet High Resolution 12 bit ADC.
bullet Flexible interface support to the Host system.