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Reference Design
  Epigon with its proven domain knowledge and expertise has created the following ready to OEM/ODM reference solution. These solutions are cost and size optimized and supports quicker customization by our customer itself.  
  Our reference designs help the customers’ business team to show the samples to their final customers and assist our clients to productize their product visions. These ready solutions with flexible business model of low NRE and Royalty helps our customers to work within their R&D budget and quick product releases.  
  We understand the customer product development cycle and manufacturing needs and provide the packaged hand holding services.  
  Quick product releases through reduced development timelines
Unparalleled technical expertise
Ready-to-adapt reference designs
Customized Products
Cost Efficient engagements
Low BOM and high features approach
bullet Satellite and Mobile Radio
bullet OMAP Based Baseband Reference Platform
bullet DAB/DMB receivers
bullet Internet Radio
bullet Wi Fi Portable Media Player
bullet Mobile Media Mate- Wi-Fi Audio streaming product