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About Us
Management Team
  Epigon Media technologies Based in Bangalore is a company with a vision to create IP and Product Solution, The company's domain focus is to create broadband and broadcast multimedia end client products.  
bullet Value Added Product and IP development Partnership to semiconductor OEMs and ODMs Companies.
bullet Concept to Product Enabling service using its IPs and Media frame work.
bullet Proven Multimedia S/W IPs, H/W IPs, Framework.
bullet Strong Media Products and Solutions Expertise in Digital Radio Mobile video, DMA, IP STB.
bullet Niche Communication Baseband expertise and synthetic music products.
bullet Expertise in new Algorithms Development, optimization and implementation on various DSP, MIPs, RISC process.
bullet 1. To enhance customer productivity in high end research and engineering by providing low cost and high quality software and hardware based solutions for multimedia and wireless market requirements.
bullet 2. To improve economic, social and psychological well being and quality of life of all suppliers, staff, and other stakeholders.
  Services, Products and Intellectual properties in the niche areas of embedded system. Competitive prizing of services, products and IPs. Competitive compensation to the employees, a competitive return for investment for the promoters a policy of common good for all stake holders. Fast disposal of obsolescence, reengineering and process improvements to curtail wastage of resources. State of the art tools, techniques, technology and management.  
  Good working environment: Efficient, effective, self motivated, cooperative, proactive and quality focused work culture via scientific human resource management practices in the area of recruitment, training, interpersonal communication, codes of conduct, and work assignment. Psychological and Spiritual values: Friendly, polite and respectful environment. Fearless and non greedy character building. Policy, code and constitution of the company encourage competence, trust, honesty, equality and fairness in all transactions.  
bullet Continuous efforts to provide better service to our Customers.
bullet Continuous innovation to enhance quality and value in our solutions.
bullet Creative collaboration and teamwork in the workplace.
bullet Honesty and integrity in all that we do.