Where imagination meets reality
  People are our best assets. We look for people who are keen on building a world class organization and grow with it. We are a team of world class professionals who strongly believe in redefining the limits of possibility and have a burning desire to make imagination a reality. Persons who enjoy innovation and want to work hard with necessary tools to transform imagination to a real product in record time are most welcome to send their resume to us. Contact us at info@epigon.in
Each Epigonian believes in recruiting people who are better than themselves. We look for people who can help us build a great Epigon and contribute to improving quality of life all around them.
  We provide all support and encouragement to a smart and hardworking person to learn and grow in the organization. This includes very good compensation comparable to best in the industry. We follow best HR practices available across IT industry.   

  An Example of Human Creativity: Morley's Triangle. Irrespective of the nature of the triangle ABC the inside triangle A'B'C' is always an equilateral triangle!