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Solar and Satellite based solutions- Epigon Media Technologies Limited offers a Satellite based end to end solution for transmitting contents to addressable Satellite Receiving units. These contents can then be accessed by the end device by connecting to the last mile Satellite hotspot.
Epigon provides custom product development as per customer specification in Broadcast, Broadband and Wireless Multimedia domain using ASSP, DSP, Micro-controllers and System on Chip (SoC) systems
Successfully implemented Satellite based virtual education project in 5 different states in India namely Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telengana for our partner in India. Technology and solution has reached 2 million+ unique learners in 12,000+ classrooms in Government and Government Aided Schools, Government degree colleges, affordable private schools, Polytechnics, Engineering colleges, Vocational training centers. Epigon leverages its multimedia Codec S/W and Media framework and other re-useable embedded S/W module reuse and augment customers' product development initiatives.
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-Power efficient Satellite based receiving units
-Efficient and accurate Satellite transmission receiving units based on DVB-S2/S2X standard
-Cost effective and reliable solution
-Data and live transmission to a large number of receive terminal points
-Operation over a Multicast and controlled Unicast network
-DVB-S2/S2X based receivers ensuring reliability high throughputs
-Last-mile server with customized Content Management Application
-Cost effective Android based tablets
-Customizable firmware to go with educational needs
-Android devices that run latest Android OS
-Long lasting battery availability
-Solar energy available for all the various segments in the product suite
-Satellite receive terminal that can run without the need of grid power
-Computing device that can use the battery charge from portable solar charging points
Epigon research and development capabilities using world class talent and innovative algorithms provides services to develop IP and Technology development for semiconductor and OEM customers.
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