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Speaker Magic

  Speaker Magic is the product created by Epigon to enhance the Speaker output to bring the originality and clarity of the music to the listener.  
bullet Speaker Type High Quality Music by selecting the proper Speaker type (Default, Big, Small Speaker)
bullet Presets Type 8 Presets According to the music listener (Rock, Dance, Classical, Reggae, Lazz, Folk, Speech, Loud).
bullet Threshold This can be tuned according to the user to get a low level signal and to limit the high level signal.
bullet Volume Digital Amplification without a Saturation issues.
bullet Professional Listening Experience-Intelligently brings originality of the music on any speaker.
bullet Distortion free Music-Continuous signal processing to avoid saturation
bullet Enhanced Threshold of the low level signal for good listening
bullet High Fidelity professional music listening
bullet Extra Life to the speaker Avoiding overdrive by accident volume increase
bullet Depicts the Originality and clarity of the music by predictive and adaptive signal processing
bullet Graphical Equalizer High Quality equalization effect by 32 band filtering
bullet Volume Drive Digital amplification of the signal
bullet Speaker Tuning Customizable Signal processing for better fidelity
bullet Higher SPL output without Analog Amplification.
bullet Maintains the magnitude level for any given threshold.
bullet Always maintains the volume level by using the continuous signal processing there by avoids the sudden volume increase during the commercial breaks.
bullet Bring out the low level for good listening
bullet High quality equalization effect by multiband filtering.
bullet Provides extra life to the speakers.
bullet For any low quality player speakerMagic can be used as a post processing hardware tool to get the high quality music.
bullet SpeakerMagic Algorithm runs on TI processor in real time.
bullet High quality equalization effect by multiband player filtering.
bullet Digital amplification through volume drive.
bullet Maintain the volume level for any given threshold.
bullet Provides extra life to the speaker.
bullet Add on PC utilities
bullet Windows Media Player Plugin
bullet Smart Phone Plugin
bullet Embedded Application
bullet Mobile Phone
bullet AV Receiver
bullet TV
bullet Mp3 Player
bullet Professional Amplifier