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bullet MPEG-4 CELP
bullet MPEG-4 HVXC
bullet G.729
bullet G.711
bullet G.726
bullet Scalable Speech Codec
  It is known that data transfer via IP network is based on packet switching unlike circuit switch data transmission in other type of network. And also data arrival in the given time period always been question and many theoretical models are build up to characterize the same. It is expected that in near future, most of the telecom service providers going to have heterogeneous network to transfer data from one end to other. In this network, IP path also expected to be integral part. Present generation Speech codec are prone to missing quality when IP network is used. Scalable Speech codec is designed to bridge the above gap and expected to open up new area of research segment in Speech codec design and development. Epigon has taken major imitative in this direction with in house Research and development effort.  
bullet Platform PC: Fixed point version of Codec available in C and the same is running in Windows XP OS based PC.