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bullet Scalable JPEG Decoder
  Optimal implementation of MPEG-2 decoder on Blackfin (BF561) and also in DM64x provides un-matching experience to system integrator to get their product functional and working in short period of time. Mentioned decoder engine is well supported by application Interface documents that makes task simple for System integrators. MPEG-2 TS demux and MPEG-1 are add on modules also available for System Integrators.  
bullet In the case of Blackfin BF561, MPEG-2 decoder implemented to run in DUAL CORE to provide maximum benefit to customer by putting both the cores of BF561. If some system integrators like to run MPEG-2 decoder in single core of BF561 then some amount customization work required to meet user demand in terms of interface with application that runs in other core of BF561. In terms of performance, it provides near DVD quality. For Portable Media Player applications, it has been tested for 60 fps, fame size 480*272, 24-bit LCD ( 4.3 wide TFT Display) interface.
bullet In the case of DM64x, MPEG-2 decoder implemented in DSP and application interface is given to application that runs in ARM9. In terms of performance it provides DVD quality.