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  Optimal implementation of H.264 decoder on Blackfin (BF561) and DM 64x aimed at providing seamless interface with DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) player application. Mentioned decoder engine is well supported by application Interface documents that makes task simple for System integrators. In the case of System layer demux, add on module support available for DMB stream, MPEG-2 TS stream and MPEG-4 SL Stream.  
bullet Platform BF561: In the case of DMB player application, H.264 decoder implementation on Blackfin (BF 561) is well tested with real time stream. For Portable Media Player applications, it has been tested for 60 fps, fame size 480*272, 24-bit LCD ( 4.3 wide TFT Display) interface.
bullet Platform DM64x: H.264 decoder in 64xx DSP is tested for DMB stream and DVB-T stream.